Om-Sai Developers



With the assistance of our experienced and dexterous crew of personnel, we are immersed in presenting highly reliable and efficient Construction Services. These presented services are delivered by some of the nimble personnel of our crew who confirm of incorporating their experience and admirable knowledge in this realm in the service. More to this, the services are known for being in accordance with their changing needs and desires of our customers.

How We Work?

Our Construction team leads the industry by building and leveraging industry-changing technology and methodology. we strive to elevate the quality, speed, and cost of bringing our product to life. We are constantly iterating upon the construction process in order to streamline our fabrication and installation procedures. We begin before we are even inside the building, collaborating with our colleagues across all of Product to deliver our projectsquickly and precisely. By incorporating our proprietary technology and research along the way, we are creating a more efficient and impactful workflow that informs the future of our industry.


We invest in our employees as partners in the success of the company. Together we will grow and create opportunities within a respectful, diverse and healthy workplace. Our workforce consists of:

  • Qualified Civil Eng (Execution)
  • Qualified Civil Eng (Qty. Surveyor)
  • Experienced Supervisors
  • Foremans